Your Challenges

  • Which legal entity to choose for your business?
  • How to secure key intellectual property assets?
  • How to hire employees or engage independent contractors?
  • How to structure online agreements (terms of service, privacy policies…)?
  • How to contract with third parties such as vendors & distributors?

Our Solution

A small business law firm

Law in the Valley is a boutique law firm that provides legal services to startups and small businesses in a professional, yet caring environment. With over 15 years of experience, Julie Alimi can assist you on a variety of legal matters including incorporation, corporate governance, business contracts, intellectual property. You can learn more  about our legal services.

With a personal approach

We always take a personal interest for each of our clients and we take the time to understand their specific business’s goals, challenges and philosophy.

Working with us offers many advantages to clients, such as:

  • A personal attention that only a small office can provide;
  • Affordable and predictable legal services;
  • Responsive, accessible and reliable experienced attorneys.

In a caring environment

We offer a broad range of legal services. However, some of your legal needs may be outside of our area of expertise. In these situations, we can help find appropriate legal services. We have a large network of experienced and reliable attorneys, brokers, CPA firms that we can connect you with.