Business Entity Formation

  • Business entity formation: structure, state of incorporation, licensing and other industry-specific requirements)
  • Ownership allotment advice and equity issuance

Corporate & Financing

  • Stockholders, buy-sell agreements
  • Directors and Stockholders meetings
  • Operation, conversion and dissolution of business entities
  • Additional stock issuance, stock transfer agreements, stock exchange and stock redemption agreements
  • Stock option plan and grants agreements
  • Inter-group agreements (management fees, IP licensing and services agreements)
  • Agreements related financing transactions (convertible notes, SAFE)


  • Employment agreements (offer letters and executive employment agreements)
  • Confidentiality and IP invention assignment agreement
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Employee handbooks
  • Advisory agreements

Commercial & Technology Transactions

  • Commercial transactions (reseller, distributor, agent, OEM, partnership programs, referral agreement, vendor/services agreements)
  • Technology transactions: terms of service, SaaS, SLA, support and maintenance services

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark and Copyright registration and maintenance
  • Intellectual Property licensing or transfer agreements


  • GDPR-compliant privacy policies
  • CCPA-compliant privacy policies
  • Cookies policies
  • Data processing agreements